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Family theater Titi and the Fire sprites

Theater Eisenbarth in Zürich

from September 2019 till June 2020

From September 2019 to June 2020, we play “Titi and the Fire Sprites” at Gladbachstrasse 119 in 8044 Zurich. Every week from Friday to Sunday.
The performances on Sunday are alternately at 11:00 am and 16.00 in the afternoon.

Please register; if you come spontaneously you risk losing your place.

Entry : 20.- (children and adults alike)

The theater is for children from 3 years. Even older children and adults are excited about “Titi”.

“May I also bring younger siblings?”

If you bring children who are less than 3 years old, they will have to pay if they can walk – and we ask you to leave the show if they are bothering.

“Titi and the Fire Sprites”    

What happens if 2 fire goblins meet a crowd of people?

The balls roll, the sounds sound and “Titi” is the key to the secret.

let yourself be surprised!

Immerse yourself in the new, poetic piece from the Theatre Eisenbarth.

Finest movement theater, interactive and understandable for ALL – for young and old, big and small, thick and thin, stupid and dumb … – oh, these Sprites!

The children are sitting on the floor, on a carpet with cushions, playing or dancing with the Sprites.

“Titi” not only delights children, even adults have their fun. Foreign-language people are just as cordially invited, because the play is without text, with onomatopoeia, easily understandable.

Creation & Acting: Manuel Schunter, Josune Goenaga, Lorenz Eisenbarth & Simone Lüscher

Stage design and costumes: Somogyi Katalin

Production: Theater Eisenbarth

Duration : 50 Minutes

Datum Uhrzeit Veranstaltungsort Status
Samstag, 29.02.2020 16:00 Gladbachstrasse 119, Zürich ZH Plätze verfügbar Anmelden
Sonntag, 22.03.2020 16:00 Gladbachstrasse 119, 0 0 Plätze verfügbar Anmelden

Please click the link below for information how to reach our theater by ZVV trains.